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Manage accounts and communications for member organizations of all descriptions.

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  • By Austrosoft
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  • Windows 10, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
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  • None
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AS Club Manager (AS Club) is a Windows application that handles the day-to-day tasks of managing the accounts of club members and provides the tools a club needs to communicate with its members. Developed in close cooperation with a mid-sized yacht club and first released in 2005, AS Club has since been in continuous use by clubs of all sizes and descriptions, from a 20-member "savings club" to mid-sized yacht clubs with over 1000 members; it can easily accommodate club membership numbers of > 5000. A summary of the main program features: Accounting • automated debiting of member accounts, overlapping multiple billing cycles, easily switched between 12/6/3/1 months payment intervals and available membership categories, in both cases with full monetary compensation • a special 'day-tripper'-category accommodates visitors who are billed daily rates • transaction-oriented: a persistent Undo-function lets you roll back erroneous transactions at any time between two month-ends • member payments may be imported from electronic bank statements downloaded in Microsoft Money™ format, • AutoAllocate: intelligently shares out lump sum payments to club sub-accounts according to hierarchical rules • accounts are monitored and moved in and out of system-categories 'Defaulter' and 'Inactive', without user intervention • optional monthly interest charges respect a user-determined grace period • a full complement of traditional hardcopy output is available • the "Go Live" function supports migration from a legacy system and phasing-in of AS Club Communications • efficient, integrated (multi-threaded) email and SMS dispatch • on a suitable public internet connection, the integrated web server can run the club website, respond to online account enquiries, and receive text messages Of the many other features: • multi-user capable: multiple clients can synchronize their local database with online backup server • 'themed' club ID cards can be easily produced and printed on paper and PVC stock ; they are automatically reprinted before expiration • cards are EAN13-barcoded: scanning by web camera triggers database account lookup • gentle learning curve: interactive Guided Tour, Tutorial, and extensive context-sensitive F1-help system • an attractive 'skinnable' GUI makes AS Club visually indistinguishable on all versions of Windows, from XP through 10, dozens of skins are provided, including light and dark themes

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