Bomberic-Christmas Edition

Play remake of popular classic game.

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  • Alawar Entertainment
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  • Windows

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Game Goal:The action takes place in a labyrinth. The main character has to find a given number of keys to open the gates to exit the current and rise to the next level.The keys lie hidden in the labyrinth walls. To get at the keys the hero has to blast the walls using mines and bombs. The hero has an unlimited number of bombs and 20 mines at the most. By gathering treasures scattered all over the labyrinth the hero scores points. The hero's mission is under threat from the monsters who impare him at collisions or by shooting. The hero can kill the monsters with bombs and mines. By doing so he scores additional points.In every chapter of This story we find out a basic character - Bomberic. It's a fair and adventurous fox :)The main task of Our hero is to fight against evil!He clears stage by stage and this time has a very important mission - to defeat all the evil before Christmas day!He has a comrade - Santa, hero ,skilled much in winter missions! Beware angry snowman and snowball!

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