Masterra PostSmile

It inserts Smileys and Emoticons, Photos and Pictures into your Email Letters.

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  • Shareware
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  • Masterra
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  • Windows
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  • 2.4 MB
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  • 2021-06-12 04:26:22

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PostSmile is a nice program that can enhance the e-mails and forums posts by the user, inserting funny animated emoticons in them. The operation of this application is very simple: just click on the message to keep placed the cursor, and then click over the image of your choice, and PostSmile places an emoticon at the selected site. Moreover, it can handle with the same ability photographs, quotations, and customized signatures. It is actually a very comprehensive program for just doing what it does. The main window shows a series of tabs labeled with the name of the emoticon type that it contains, as well as photos, signatures and quotations. In addition, it always remains on top, but transparency can be applied from the settings options. The main feature that makes this program different from others of its kind is that it is constantly updated, so you always have fresh and original resources to decorate your messages. It is very simple to use, because you only have to click whatever you want to send it from this program. PostSmile works with any email that supports HTML, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, or Gmail, and with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird. You can also use it with MSN Messenger, which makes the appearance of the IM service or e-mail to improve extensively. PostSmile is a good way to personalize your emotions. Operating Systems: Win 98, 2000, ME, Windows Vista There are a 'Premium' version which allows you to download many more image and emoticon packs. Sergio A. Durán Editor rating:

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