Carry out due diligence exercises with less time spent.

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Pipsa is an application specifically designed to assist you with conducting Due Diligence exercises. Saves time by allowing you to record your progress against and time spent on the 104 Due Diligence check-list items. Inputs The system provides you with two main sources for recording your progress on each Due Diligence Exercise: 1. An Information Gathering Check-list which contains 104 items relating to the information and documents that need to be audited. Here you simply have to confirm that each item has been reviewed and is satisfactory. 2. An Information Gathering Time Sheet. Here you enter the amount of time spent on each item on the Information Gathering Check-list. Detailed and Summary reports area available for both options above to track progress. The system provides full file maintenance procedures for: • Due Diligence Company Details - New and Existing • VAT (Sales Tax) Rates • Foreign Exchange Rates • Standard Fee Rates Reports are available for all options above Financial Details The system provides the following financial functions: Produce Invoices for Information Gathering time spent, Findings Preparation and Presentation and for expenses. Financial Statement for each Due Diligence Company Reviewing Invoices Recording Client Payments Reviewing Payments Outstanding Company Comparisons The system provides the ability to compare the relative progress/ satisfactory position of up to 10 Companies, across 16 Due Diligence Categories. Outputs The following reports and documents are produced by the system Invoices for work performed Information Gathering Check-list Detail (Progress) Information Gathering Check-list Summary by Due Diligence Category (Progress) Information Gathering Check-list Time Spent Detail Information Gathering Check-list Time Spent Summary by Due Diligence Category Blank Hard copy Information Gathering Due Diligence Check-lists Due Diligence Company Financial Statement Invoice Summary Payments Summary Payments Outstanding Summary Payments Outstanding Summary - All Clients Foreign Exchange Rates VAT Rates Due Diligence Company Contact Details, Names and Addresses Company Comparisons (Up to 10 Companies simultaneously)

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